Sliding Windows System

1. The wind resistance is guaranteed by the maximum reinforcement chamber design.
2. Glass range from 5mm to 12mm and 19 mm to 20mm
3. Co extruded gasket makes assembly easy and tight seal 4 System can be designed with mesh or without mesh.
4. 16mm standard euro groove fits all advance hardware available in uPVC world.

Openable window

1. Second most efficient window. Casement windows are the second most energy-efficient, after fixed-pane windows. The window sash presses against the frame on closing, creating an airtight seal. This helps prevent air entry and leakage.
2. Coextruded glazing bead makes water seepages nearly impossible
3. Glass range from 5mm to 12mm and 19mm to 22mm
4. It gives maximum sound reduction and water tightness because of double sealing mechanism

Openable Doors System

1. This is for big size opening and comes with multipoint locking system.
2. Coextruded glazing bead makes water seepages nearly impossible
3. Glass thickness from 5mm-l2mm & 19mm to 22mm
4. Possible with and without mosquito mesh
5. Possible with single and double glaze
6. System can withstand against heavy wind resistance.
7. Separate drainage chamber and slope on the frame, assist to drain out water more quickly

Combination Windows

1. The system can manufacture enormous door sash height upto 10 feet and width upto 10 feet.
2. Very easy to operate upto 300 kg sash weight.
3. The installation depth of 170mm for frames, and the door sash of 70mm that can match with 12 to 20mm, 23 to 28mm & 32 to 40mm glass, enhance the dynamic and static stability and strength of wind nresst ire resist & FOLD

Slide And Fold Doors

Let your rooms unfold ! Opens up rooms in a particularly elegant an efficient way. All doors are folded in a space: saving manner and conveniently slide to the side. In this manner, every room can b opened out fully, making use of the whol width; spacious access to the terrace, balcony or conservatory. The demand of slide and fold doors is growing rapidly as user see the advantages of opening up the front of their conservatory or house to take advantage of climate and provide unobstructed access to the garden, terrace or balcony.

1. Sash weight upto 80Kg per sash.
2. Sash rebate width from 450mm upto 1200mm (active sash) .
3. Sash rebate height from 600mm upto 2400mm